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Cardiff, South Wales
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The Alchemy Link.

From the outset, LEFf Business has had close links with the Alchemy Business network.


Being able to call upon this expertise as well as the training and mentoring that has been provided has been invaluable in bringing to small businesses across Wales the support and guidance needed to build and develop.


Here is a short summary that explains a little about the Alchemy Network System:


The Alchemy system has developed a set of strategies that have been tried and tested with SMEs accross, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, France and Australia. We help you to build your business into the business you’ve always dreamed of owning.


Over the years, the principles that are at the foundation of The Alchemy Network business building and development systems have been used to make billions in profits for small, medium and large businesses - businesses just like yours.


The Alchemy Network has refined these principles into a series of dynamic scientific processes to meet the challenges facing businesses large and small by utilizing the latest cutting edge technologies.

The Alchemy Network can help you...


  • Drive hordes of hungry customers to your business.

  • Craft and use powerful and irresistible direct marketing strategies to drive your sales through the roof.

  • Counter competitor price-cutting without reducing your margins.

  • Keep customers coming back again and again to your business.

  • Uncover and profit from the hidden assets to be found in your business.

  • Quickly, simply and effectively increase sales to your current customers by 10%, 35% and even 90% or more,

  • Create passionate and undying customer loyalty to permanently keep your competitors out.

  • Find, acquire, keep and motivate superstar salespeople and employees.

  • Enjoy greater success by speedily building a business that is highly profitable and will run itself.

  • Make your business 100% recession proof in 30 days or fewer.

  • Get and use testimonials to dramatically boost your sales.

  • Price test to garner maximum profit from every sale you make.

  • Double, triple, even quadruple your sales conversion rate.


   The Alchemy Network service won’t cost you a fortune... We work largely by accepting a percentage of the increase in profits that we create for your business. So, as you can imagine, we are highly motivated to make sure that your profits soar.