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Happy (Almost) New Year.

By now we should be back into a routine with the enthusiasm and energy of a new year still evident and the gloom not yet fully settled in. Everywhere you look articles or emails declare that; “now is the time to take action”, “Make 2017 the best year ever”, “New Year, New You”. Resolve to; lose weight, write a book, learn how to play the banjo. Alongside all this information, instruction and motivational talk there are an equal number of doom-mongers saying that all resolutions are pointless and that 66% to 90% (depends which paper you read) are going to fail before the end of the month.

We tend only to use the word resolution at this time of year. The rest of the year we have goals, objectives, targets or aims. Resolutions, requiring resolve? Short and sweet statements of intent often without the slightest suggestion of how they can be achieved.

And yet there is something about the start of a new year, optimism, energy and a whole 12 months stretching out in front of us with its endless possibilities. So why not be optimistic. Despite the naysayers, and prior experience, it's no worse than any other time of year to make a change.

The resolution is, of course, only the headline. For it to be successful it has to be followed up with a plan and steps to implement along with a time frame to review progress. If one of your resolutions is to grow and develop your business, then identifying key areas to improve and optimise is a good first step.

The 6 Challenges is a free resource which was developed to address the key areas of your business which have a massive effect on sales and the value you get from your customers. Using online resources we look at the principles underpinning each area then the challenge is to ensure these are operating effectively and efficiently in your business. Each challenge on its own will add value to the business but there is a multiplier effect on income and profits as each one is enhanced by the next.

Will 2017 be the best year ever? Can you take your business to the next level? Without taking the first step you will never know.

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