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Selling Enthusiasm

I don’t know if you have ever had this experience but have you ever met someone who introduced themselves by sabotaging their business? What I mean is they introduce themselves as, "just an accountant” or “just a printer”. Worse still, “I deal with pensions, yes boring I know”. In the UK we are supposed to be self-deprecating, we are bought up not to be too boastful or a show off, and it isn’t acceptable to be too enthusiastic, but really? Enthusiasm and passion transforms how your business is perceived. I may not be interested in pensions but, if it’s your job I certainly want you to be. At different times I have been enthused by such diverse subjects as waterproof printing, network security and double glazing, all because the subject was delivered by knowledgeable, but vitally, passionate individuals. An accountant is not just an accountant but someone who is passionate about the numbers in your business and can use that to help you grow and develop, and save you money. A printer is an expert in the latest printing technology that can be used in the service of promoting your business.

Passion is as much part of your brand as anything else; Money is just a byproduct of enthusiasm! If you do something you love then it makes it that much easier when the going gets tough. Think of those doctors, dentists and accountants who burn out in their 40s, why, they entered the profession at 17/18 because that’s where the money is. How many small business owners have already had a career in the corporate world but gave that up to do something they cared about. It’s not enough, on its own, to be passionate; you need to show that passion in the messages sent to potential clients.

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