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Customer Feedback.

Just recently I was asked by a large technology company for feedback on their product (it was Apple, i spalshed out on a new Macbook). so far so good and initially I thought it would all be positive and wouldn't take long. The question were mainly to do with how I bought the product and my reasons for choosing, all great for the company but does not improve my experience. The final question did ask me how I would improve the product and I wrote that I has not been able to link with personla hotspot on ipad or iphone and this was annoying since I had been able to do so on my previous laptop (any help with this also gratefully accepted)

Wouldn't it be great if someone from Apple got in touch now and at least acknowleged ny help or even suggested how my problem could be sorted or thay they were working on it. Many companies ask for feedback and then do they take heed or not, in most cases we never find out. What about changin the name, feedforward not feedback? What are we going to do based on your information? What a great way to keep in touch with your custmoers not just asking for their opinion but keeping them informed on what you are going to change based on the information they provided.

I'll let you know if anything further comes from Apple, I'm hoping for the kind of response Taylor Swift got but just an acknowledgement will do.

Wishing you success