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Business Auto Partner


As a growing and developing business, you are inundated with tasks, messages, and information.  Are you missing out on opportunities?  Are you wasting your time?  This package is ideal for the fast-growing business that wants a completely bespoke solution to run their business


Partner with us to build an effective and efficient business by automating key processes!

Your time and efforts are valuable so let's make sure you get the maximum return on your efforts.
This is a "Done for You" service which reduces the impact on your time and resources but ensures you are still in control of the process

The Business Auto Partner package gives you all this and more.  You'll be led through setting up the business systems and automation that will boost your success. 

An Infusionsoft subscription is included in the package and as a Certified Partner we can make sure you get the most out of the platform
  • You'll save time by not having to complete those routine, repetitive but crucial tasks
  • Increase your income by converting more prospect into clients
  • Delight your clients with a professional and personalised service that keeps them and means they are happy to refer you.
  • Keep all your customer data in one place and easily accessible
  • The package includes a cutting-edge software platform.

We start with a 1 day in-person discovery session (value £1000 + VAT) where we get to know you and your business but also clarify your :


  • Ideal client

  • Unique value

  • Positioning

  • Lead magnets

  • Customer Journey

  • Upgrade value


Using this information we produce a:


  • Business growth review and report  

  • Business growth projection

  • Full client marketing  profile



Typically we will create 12 custom automation for you over the 6 month period.  You'll also have regular online review meetings to review reporting data and refine campaigns

After the initial meeting we will have a good understanding of your business challenges and priorities then, having set up your account, will build bespoke automation based on these.  These may include, but are not limited to;


  • Being able to collect contact details quickly and easily from your website, social media account or PPC marketing

  • Nurture sequence that converts prospects into clients and identifies the hot prospects form their responses

  • Collecting contact details and following up from live events, Expos and network meetings

  • Reactivation campaigns for former/lapsed customers

  • On-boarding sequences for new clients

  • Creating and sending invoices, tracking payments

  • Referral campaigns

  • Collecting customer feedback and testimonials

  • Sales Pipeline set up

  • E-commerce set up

Included in this package:


  • Initial 1-day discovery meeting (worth £1000 +VAT)

  • Email and phone support

  • Regular Online and in-person meetings/

  • Subscription for the Infusionsoft 1500 edition with eCommerce and Sales Pipeline worth £185 pm

Think about the advantages this gives you over your competitors!  Not only does automation save you time, saves you money and helps you avoid missing out on opportunities but the smooth and seamless experience for your clients reassures them that they are in the hands of a capable and professional business.

£444 pm initially for 6 Months

price include VAT

How we work:

There are different Business Auto packages that suit different businesses but each looks at all aspects of your business (Click picture for more details).  


  1. Get to know you - 1-day discovery session producing an extensive business review and implementation plan.

  2. Work out an agreed action plan

  3. Design, build and test the systems that automate your business

  4. Review and refine - celebrate our wins