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Cardiff, South Wales
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About LEFf



LEFf works with small businesses from self-employed startups to those established sole traders or limited companies wanting to grow and develop.  Specifically, we are looking to work with serious, ambitious, dedicated and open-minded business owners who have the drive to succeed and want a clear logical and proven system along with guidance, support, and advice to build the business they want.



Passionate About Small Businesses.


Small businesses are the backbone of the economy and provide their clients with an excellent level of service and bespoke products that larger companies can't.  This is where imagination is given free reign and the needs of the customer are paramount.  The small business owner is at the heart of so much innovation and is in contact with all aspects of the business on a daily basis, and this is where the problem lies.


By being at the center of everything focus on the development of the business can be lost as a host of routine tasks are completed.



Use the Best of Technology to Give our Clients a Competitive Edge.

This is where technology comes in.  By providing the software but also crucially the strategic input we can work together to free owners and staff form the routine so they can focus on providing personalised service for all customers or clients.  By partnering with KEAP we can not only provide the best software but also call on the knowledge of a huge partner community across the world and add integrations that streamline operations further.



Smart Management that Saves Time and Money.


If a Smart management system is to work it can't be unwieldy, over complex or difficult to use.  The intention is to save time and money!  For this reason, before starting we get to know your business and recommend the solution that suits you.  We also ensure that the system is set up and fully implemented so that you can see the benefits from an early stage.



Build a Long Term Relationship.


One of the pillars of Smart Client Management is the development of a relationship and, unsurprisingly, this is an important part of our service.  We provide ongoing support online and by phone to ensure the smooth running of your systems.  We plan regular reviews and provide a flexible service to fit in with your development.  We also celebrate successes with you.