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Are you worried that you're missing out on opportunities?

Smart Client Management

"making all your time and effort count

If you are a small business owner who feels overwhelmed, lacking time, and concerned that you are missing out on opportunities; automation is the answer for you.  By setting up automatic systems for your marketing, sales and customer journey we can ensure maximum return on your time and effort to build a scalable and sustainable business.

You provide a fantastic professional service that adds real value to your clients.    



However, often time is taken up in routine but vital tasks such as;



  • controlling a long sales journey

  • managing follow up of prospects

  • reminders to clients of key dates

  • appointment setting and follow up

  • collecting customer feedback

          and many more


You should be free to work with more clients, provide more value and not be sidetracked by these routine tasks.


Take a look at this quick video demonstration on how Business Automation can help in your business



Centralise you customer data


Marketing Automation


Follow up with timely and appropriate messages


Sales Pipeline


Organise new and repeat business


Online Sales


Sell from your website






Avoid the back and forth of setting appointments




Use your data to make informed decisions.


Link with hundreds of apps


Collect Payments

Quote, invoice and collect effortlessly



Get all the tools together in one place to simplify your regular tasks

and it helps you avoid:


  • overly committing to business development at the expense of current customer management

  • overwhelm at the technical aspects of the project.

  • gaps when following up new leads

  • missing out on conversions, additional sales and referrals

  • ineffective, unfocused and untested marketing

How we work:

There are different Business Auto packages that suit different businesses but each takes a common approach to implementation.   


  1. Get to know you - understand your business challenges and goals

  2. Work out an agreed action plan

  3. Design, build and test the systems that automate your business

  4. Review and refine - celebrate our wins